What Parents Can Do to Help their Children

1. Read together daily. With younger children stick to books with realistic themes.

2. See that your child gets to school on time.

3. Allow sufficient time for your child to dress themselves.

4. Allow your child to collaborate with food preparation and encourage Extended Day child to take at least some responsiblity for preparing his own lunch.

5. If possible allow your child a plot of land or least a flower pot to plant and experience in growing things.

6. Take walks together at the childs pace, pausing to notice things and talk about them.

7. Attend school parent education functions.

8. Help your child be a calm and prepared mood to begin school rather than over stimulated and carrying food or toys.

9.From the earliest age give your child the responsibilty to pick up after themselves (return toys to place, dirty clothes in hamper, clean off sink after use, clear dishes to appropriate place.)

10.Hug regulary but don’t impose affection. Recognize the difference.