“We are so glad we chose to send our children to Cimarron Montessori. The school cultivates curiosity and independence by providing a tangible, tactile environment for learning. There is an individualized approach so that each student can master concepts at his/her own pace. The instructors are nurturing and patient which contributes to a beneficial learning environment. We feel that Cimarron Montessori has provided our children with a strong foundation so that they can continue to thrive in their educational journey.” – Transition Student Parents

“We adore CMS, our children have thrived here both socially and academically.’ – Sara Oldham

CMS is such a great place! My daughter looks forward to spending her weekdays with all her friends and teachers. Her eyes light up when we turn the corner and she can see her school. Her teacher and all the staff are extremely friendly and helpful. The amount of knowledge my daughter has at age 2 has also exceeded my expectations. I am surprised daily by her vocabulary and ability to perform tasks I had no knowledge she could perform. My older daughter also attended CMS for two years. Her education in those early years set her up for success for years to come. She has been in the top of her class and I truly believe it is because of the foundation she was given while at CMS.” – Stacy Nall