Welcome To Our School

We are a non-profit board-run school at 419 W. Maple Avenue in Enid, Oklahoma. We have one toddler program, two primary programs and two elementary programs serving kids from 2 to 12 years old. Please see Our Programs and Tuition and Fees for specific information on our programs. Any school may put the Montessori label on; we are truly Montessori, subscribing to the same ideals for children’s education that Maria Montessori proposed over 100 years ago. We value the individual child and diversity in the classroom.

Cimarron Montessori School follows the basic philosophy that every child carries unseen within them the person they will become. The emphasis throughout the program is upon meeting the individual needs of each student while maintaining excellent academic standards and encouraging a creative and appreciative attitude toward learning.

Our school is affiliated with the Montessori Institute of America and was established in 1975. We have large classrooms for the kids to spend their time with a wonderful playground. Our music program consists of two music programs per year. Both prospective and enrolled parents are welcome to visit our school, so come by and see what a Montessori classroom environment has for your child. To see a comparison of Montessori education and Conventional education, go here.

The Montessori method includes education in Practical Life, Sensorial Exercises, Mathematics, and Language. For more information on the Montessori Method, please see About Montessori or What is Montessori?

The Montessori Method is based on years of observation of children’s nature and has proved itself of universal application. Race, color, nationality or social rank make no difference to its successful application. The method is based on the child’s imperious need to learn by doing and has a profound respect for the child’s personality. It enables the teacher to deal with each child individually in each subject, each child works at his or her own pace and the child has the freedom of movement in the classroom. The children pursue their own self-paced curriculum and learning takes place individually or in small groups. The result is a child who loves to learn and gains the skills to learn on their own and as their interests apply.

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